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Dwell In God

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Dwell In God

Psalms 91 is one of those popular scriptures that we all seem to know. The words penned in the verses are indeed powerful and liberating.

Many times, we recite scripture but “deny” or realize the power of the words we speak. The bible calls this a form of godliness that is so prevalent in the Church today.

To be a true worshiper of God we must learn to take God at His word and trust that it will do just what He says. And how do we accomplish? By developing a relationship with Him whereby we demonstrate that He can trust us with mysteries of the word that the world cannot understand.

The first verse in this chapter is one that gives assurance that when we have a relationship with God He will be there with us and He will take care of us. 

“He that dwelleth…” –  To dwell means this is a place just to stay but this is a place where you live. God does not want us to just be where He is but want us to live in His presence.

In His presence, we find rest, comfort and peace. In the dwelling presence of the Lord, the cares of this world are locked outside, we get to lay aside every weight and burden and enter into His rest.

Dwell in God

Once we dwell in the presence of Abba we develop a relationship that grants us access “…in the secret place.”  Everyone cannot go into the secret place of The Most High because this is a sacred place.

God told Moses to remove his shoes because the place where he stood was Holy Ground. His shoes bore the dirt from the world and were unfit to be worn on that sacred ground where God wanted to commune with Moses and reveal Himself to him.

In this place, God desires intimacy with us. This requires us to shed outer garments, those things of the world that we can hide behind and make us unclean in the presence of God.

Things like shame, guilt, and unforgiveness stop our worship from making it into the Holy of Holies and stop us from “…abiding under the shadow of the Almighty.

The shadow of God alludes to the omnipresence of God, the part that we cannot see but is always there. Again, we have the assurance that God has provided for us a place where we can be protected by an all-powerful Savior. 

Because of our relationship, the Savior wants you to know that He has us covered and protected. Therefore, there is no need for us to fear. He will not allow us to be destroyed.

In fact, while we are abiding under His shadow He promises to give us beauty for ashes, strength for fear, gladness for mourning and peace for despair. Hence, we can overcome the devil and experience victorious lives.

Getting to know God is an awesome experience and no better way to do this than by spending time in His word. Once you do, the mysteries of God will be revealed and you will develop unshakeable faith in Him and the promises He has made to us in His word.

He is waiting with open arms to receive us but He is seeking a people who desire Him as much as He desires us.


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