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Celebrating A Greater Purpose - Rhema Kingdom Ministries
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Celebrating A Greater Purpose

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death,” wrote the late Dr. Myles Munroe, “but a life without a purpose.” In today’s world, many people are following routines influenced by society or practices our parents have set for us without stopping to ask, “Why am I on earth?”

For those who stop to ask, they either wonder what the answer is or settle for an assumption that isn’t true. People wrongly believe we just came into the world accidentally and we will also leave without completing our kingdom assignment.

Well I am sorry to disappoint and happy to inform you that your coming to this world is not a mistake, and that you have a great assignment for which you were born. 

Even if you are termed a bastard, know that there are no illegitimate children before God, only illegitimate parents. Therefore, there is something great that this world will not experience except you discover and walk in that purpose.

What is Purpose?

Throughout the pages of his bestselling book – Pursuit of Purpose – Dr. Myles Munroe defines purpose as “…the master of motivation and the mother of commitment. It is the source of enthusiasm and the womb of perseverance. It gives birth to hope and instills the passion to act.”

Purpose is simply the reason for which something is done, why something exists, a person’s sense of resolve or determination. Without understanding God’s Big Idea man is lost.

Our world is rich with products such as televisions, smartphones, laptops, automobiles, and pens just to name a few. They all have their own unique functions. Wouldn’t you will look foolish if you tried to write with your television, or tried to ride your laptop to work?

In order to avoid abuse due to the lack of knowledge about a gadget’s true function, the manufacturer includes a leaflet or book called the “instructional manual”. This manual also allows us to maximize the potential of each product by telling us how to use it properly. 

If a mere product, made by man for our comfort goes through such finesse to ensure it fulfills its purpose, don’t you think we as humans also have a purpose on this earth we have to fulfill?

Life by Design

God is our manufacturer, and He did not create anyone of us on this earth without a reason. He also gave us an instructional manual (The Bible) to clearly reveal to us our objectives and how to fulfill them. But being good at something doesn’t mean it’s your plan for life.

Sitting on a speaker might work as a chair because it will bear the weight of your body. But it was not designed to be a chair. It is not being used for its highest and best use. Many times, we are pushed into functioning in an area that is not our highest and best use because someone needed us to be something we were not created to be.

The Apostle Paul helps us to realize there is a greater purpose in life than just living, making money, having a business, children, a career and so on. Paul understood that the believer’s role was part of the divine plan from the very beginning of time (Romans 8:28-29). 

God’s purpose is specifically characterized by his pre-selection of man for such a purpose based on the man’s qualities that he might not even be aware of (Jeremiah 1:5).

Realizing Your Purpose

Some of the disciples were great fishermen, but until they encountered Jesus, they did not realize and function in their true purpose. Because we are created by God, we are made to fulfill His purpose. 

Jesus could have been a great carpenter, or the leader of a great religion alongside the Pharisees, or even a king by overthrowing the Roman Empire.  

However, God had a greater purpose for Him, one which involved dying so that the whole world could be saved. This purpose was so great that it gave Jesus more power and glory (Philippians 2:3-10) than he could have ever received if he followed any of the previously mentioned paths. 

Yet he touched humanity by saving all men and He still pleased God by restoring men to Him.

Your purpose isn’t just about you but incorporates helping humanity in a significant way while pleasing God. It is beyond giving money to charity or just creating a miracle drug. 

A greater purpose is much more than pleasing yourself with all the pleasures of life and it is clearly defined in Matthew 6:33.

Wrapping Up

Do you possess the obedience and passion to follow this great mission? Do you have a love for souls being transformed by the Word, the advancement of God’s kingdom and the dedication to see this greater purpose fulfilled?

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