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Saved To Be Changed - Rhema Kingdom Ministries
Rhema Kingdom Ministries

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WAIT! So what does "Transformation of the Believer?" really mean?

Download this amazing eBook, which is intended to encourage and inspire the believer to walk in their transformation / their life of change in the power of the Holy Spirit. It's a Discipleship Experience.

Are You Conformed Or Transformed?

"And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." ~ Romans 12:2

Saved to be Changed is a quick read that;s designed to help you grow as a follower of Jesus. Life involves processes of consistent change. The life of a believer involves persistent and insistent change. Change goes beyond the scope of Salvation, although salvation’s requirement is to change . We are called, to give up and let of some things every day, especially those things that tent to hinder our spiritual growth and prevent us from walking in the blessings and promises of the Lord.

As a believer, the concept of change should always be the overriding or principal thought in our mind, and in our daily walk, as you make an effort to “live right” for the Lord.

The life of persistent and consistent change as it relates to believers in Jesus Christ is called transformation. This transformation as the Bible articulates begins in the mind.

We believe through Transformation, Jesus wants to do a transformative work in you.

topics Covered

Thinking About Change

Real & positive change requires a tremendous effort on your part.

Can You Adapt

When change comes you may have to adapt of adjust.

Grace for Change

I does matter how we live and behave as believers.

Challenges of Change

Transformation sometimes atrtracts temporary inconveniences.

You Must Renew your Mind

Don’t take my word for it. Get started with your FREE copy and see how this will change your life!

Rhema Kingdom Ministries
Kendal McKenzie

Your Guide

Pastor McKenzie has been passionately serving the community of Great Exuma for the past 15 years. and continues to encourage the people of God to pursue the glory of God and to bring the Kingdom of God to their sphere of influence.

Pastor Kendal McKenzie

"The changes in me are deep, and the transformation is spilling into all areas of my life. This eBook made a difference in me. Thank you so much for such a valuable resource!"
Anthony Rolle

Ultimately, God wants me to be transformed to be like his Son, Jesus. He was totally focused on the will of the Father. Because that was true of him, it will increasingly be true of me…and someday, that work in me will be complete.

“Don’t masquerade around, buying into the beliefs and philosophies of this age, or behaving in a way that’s inconsistent with who God redeemed you to be.”

"I've been helped immensely just by reading the first chapter. This really is all about spiritual transformation. In a short time, I have gained a deeper insight into the transformative work that has begun in me."
Rhema Kingdom Ministries
Princess Rolle

Let's Renew Our Minds To That Good, Acceptable, And Perfect Will Of God

The problem with our minds is not merely that we are finite, but that we are fallen. As such, we are perfectly useless as Christians if all we do is conform to the world around us.

Rhema Kingdom Ministries