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We Must Fight - Rhema Kingdom Ministries
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We Must Fight

“We must fight” – this is a very powerful phrase. In this day and age, how many of us take steps to fight against evil?

We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against evil spirits in high places (Ephesians 6:12). Click To Tweet

Anything that is of God the devil will fight against it. Whether it is your marriage, children, your peace of mind or even your business, the devil is after it. When we are faced with struggles in these areas of our lives, at first glance we assume it is because of the other person.

When we see rebellious behavior in our children it’s easy to think it’s because of disobedience But the issues you have are with their behavior. However, it’s the presence of Satan trying to take the opportunity to distract and destroy.

Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy! He does this successfully because he distracts our focus into thinking we are wrestling with flesh and blood when really our fight is with him.

All Satan needs is a crack, a seam, any small opening to get in. Once inside he takes over like the invasion of Germany in Poland. Once Satan has found an entry point, destruction only follows.

Therefore, saints, we must fight! Not physically but spiritually.

Spiritual Warfare

We must go to God’s Word and declare it over the situations in our lives. We must turn down our plates and deny our flesh to feed our spirit. Additionally, we must remove self in order to fully fight the war against Satan and his allies.

Sometimes during the battle, we must remove thoughts like “I do enough already” or “I’m not strong enough” in order to win the war.

Moses allowed his insecurities to get in the way of him going immediately to Pharaoh to free the Israelites. We may have internal struggles that at times can hinder us from pushing through a spiritual warfare.

Insecurities like low self-esteem, abuse or other impediments can distract or hold us back from pushing forward. But we must surrender these things before God if we want to be victorious in our fight.

Satan will use even these things to distract you.

The future of our families, marriages, children, ministries and businesses depend on us closing any opening to Satan and relying on the strength of God for us to win.

Saints, We Must Fight!

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